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Upcoming Retreats

Heart of Mindfulness offers a range of retreats annually. These include 5-day silent retreats, 4-day training retreats and mindfulness days and are a great opportunity to practice and learn in a supportive environment. Below are the details for our upcoming events.

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5-Day Silent Retreat – January 24th – 28th 2018 Focus on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
4-Day Training Retreat – May 10th – 13th 2018 Focus on Mindful Self-Compassion
4-Day Training Retreat – September 20th – 23rd 2018 Focus on Mindful Communication
4-Day Training Retreat – Octobers 18th – 21st 2018 Focus on Mindfulness & TRE®
Certificate in Mindfulness Based Approaches

How do I register?

Before registering for a retreat please read the following documents.

  • The ‘Information Sheet’ for the retreat you would like to attend. (This includes directions to the venue & travel suggestions for participants coming from abroad. It is available to download and print.)
  • Guidelines for Group Retreats – (This provides information on what to expect at a Heart of Mindfulness retreat).
    Participants are advised to read this information carefully to ensure retreat suitability and to contact if you still require clarification. It is also advisable to read through our FAQ’S section that contains extra information.

To register for a retreat, please fill in the online registration form and pay your deposit of €155 via Paypal. Deposits are non-refundable (see cancellation policy) & the remainder of the fee is due on the first evening of the retreat.



Please find below frequently asked questions about “Heart of Mindfulness” retreats.

Participants are encouraged:

– to wear loose and comfortable clothes.
– to bring warm clothing, outdoor shoes and a raincoat or umbrella for walking outdoors.
– to bring slippers / indoor shoes or thick socks for indoor wear.

You will need to bring your own toiletries.

There will be a bell rung for wake-up and all sittings & workshop session. If required please bring an alarm clock, rather than using your phone alarm as participants are encouraged not to use their phones during the retreat.

A fleece/shawl to wear during meditation if required.

Please bring your own meditation cushions/benches/yoga mats. There will be some extras available. Chairs will be available for those who prefer not to sit on the ground.

All bedding and linen, a handtowel and 1 small bath towel are provided by the venue. If you require further towels please bring your own.

Food for our retreats is vegetarian, tasty and plentiful. Any dietary requirements indicated on your registration form will be passed to the kitchen staff who will do their very best to accommodate them. Participants will not have access to the kitchen or cooking facilities during the retreat, but if specific foodstuffs / snacks are required for medical reasons, they can be clearly labeled and stored in one of the kitchen fridges or cupboards.

At Ennismore Retreat Centre accommodation is in basic single with shared shower facilities available adjacent.

At Lios Dana Lodge accommodation is in basic single or shared rooms with shared shower facilities available adjacent. Accommodation is available in the centre and in small cottages located just beside it. Participants can indicate on their registration form if they are willing to share a room. If another participant of the same gender is found who is also interested in sharing, they will each receive a reduced retreat fee. If a suitable room-mate is not found participants will have to pay the full retreat fee.

At Nano Nagle accommodation is in basic shared rooms with shared shower facilities available adjacent (maximum two persons per room). Accommodation is available both onsite and close to the venue. There is a very limited number of single room accommodation available at additional cost.

Please see the following links for further information:
Ennismore Retreat Centre (
Lios Dana Retreat Centre (
Nano Nagle Centre (

For retreats taking place at Lios Dana Lodge, at registration you will be invited to choose a yogi (volunteer) job, which will involve 1 hour of light work daily. This will consist of housework or bell ringing duty. Housework might involve helping with food preparation, dish-washing, cleaning etc. If you are unable to do a work session or can only offer light work for whatever reason, please indicate this on your registration form.

For retreats taking place at Ennismore Retreat Centre & the Nano Nagle Centre, participants will be invited to take on bell ringing duty. This will involve taking responsibility for ringing the bells for the morning, afternoon or evening sessions on one day during the retreat. More information will be given at registration.

On the last day of the retreat we ask all participants to strip their own beds, so as to help retreat centre staff in preparing for their next arrivals.

Participants’ work contributions greatly contribute to the smooth running of our retreats and are very appreciated. It creates a real sense of community during our time together and allows us to keep our retreat prices at reasonable levels.

All participants are asked to remain within the tranquil atmosphere of their retreat centre for the duration of the retreat. If there is something you forgot to bring (e.g. a toothbrush), please leave a note for the teachers on the retreat notice board. The retreat centre staff will be happy to accommodate these types of requests. If you need to leave the centre for any other pressing reason, please let the teachers know when you will be absent.

5-day silent retreats will be in total silence starting from after the first evening session with periods everyday for question and answer sessions and the possibility to meet with the teachers for individual or group interviews. Participants are encouraged not to read or write during the 5 days.

4-day training retreats will be in partial silence. Participants will undertake morning periods of intensive silent practice and all mealtimes will be in silence. In the afternoon there will be workshop sessions focused on discussion and sharing. Evenings are not in silence, but participants are encouraged to be quiet and to rest as is needed. On our training retreats reading and writing are only allowed during workshop sessions.

Participants are encouraged not to use any electronic devices (phone, computer etc.) during all of our retreats. Exceptions are made for participants who may need to check in with small children at home, an elderly parent or similar situations. This is to create an environment where everyone can focus on their practice. In case of an emergency family members will be able to contact Timothy Sweeney at 087 2025976 or Roisin Ni Maoilearca at 087 9160919 and any messages will be passed along immediately.

There will be ample time at the first evening session of the retreat to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about being in silence.

On the first evening of the retreat, registration will be at 4-6pm; supper at 6pm and the opening session at 7:30 pm. Please aim to arrive at the venue from 4pm onwards. Guests will not have access to their accommodation before 4pm.

All retreats finish after lunch (1pm) on the last day.

Participants can consult a sample schedule if they download the retreat information sheet. Printed copies of the final schedule will be available at registration.
Participants pay a deposit of 155E when they register for a retreat.

The remainder of the retreat fee is due at registration on the first day of the retreat.

Please be aware that retreat fee payment is only possible by cash or cheque. There is no credit card facility.

Please contact if you have any further questions about attending a Heart of Mindfulness retreat.

Interested in attending a retreat?


Event Venue Date
5-Day Silent Retreat - Focus on Stress Reduction (€455) Lios Dána Lodge, Kerry
  • 24th January 2018 4:00 pm
1 Day Mindfulness Retreat (€60 or €50 Alumni)
  • 24th March 2018 10:00 am
4-Day Training Retreat - Focus on Self-Compassion (€455) Ennismore Retreat Centre, Cork
  • 10th May 2018 4:00 pm
4-Day Training Retreat - Focus on Mindful Communication (€455) Nano Nagle Centre, Cork
  • 20th September 2018 4:00 pm
4-Day Training Retreat - Mindfulness & TRE® (€455) Ennismore Retreat Centre, Cork
  • 18th October 2018 4:00 pm
1 Day Mindfulness Retreat (€60 or €50 Alumni) Tigh Roy, Tipperary
  • 10th November 2018 10:00 am
Download Guidelines for Group Retreats